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The Messianic Jewish alliance of New Zealand connects Jewish followers of Yeshua in a supportive fellowship for mutual encouragement and support...

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To connect Jewish followers of Yeshua throughout New Zealand in a supportive fellowship for mutual encouragement and support.
To promote a clear, visible testimony to the fact that there is a large and growing movement of Jews and Gentiles who follow Yeshua as the Messiah of Israel and Saviour of the world.
To bring together Jews and Gentiles of like faith and mind with a shared vision for sharing the good news of Yeshua to the Jewish people.


Is There Life Beyond This World?

  • People can choose to believe the Scriptures including the Tanach (Old Testament), and the Brit Chadasha (New Testament), were inspired by the Holy ...
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A Jewish man has an encounter with the Messiah

  • There was a man commonly known as Paul the apostle, who lived in the 1st Century CE (Common Era). The title apostle means someone who is sent – a messenger....
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Spiritual Pursuits

  • Our spiritual and physical needs are intricately connected...
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A Future and a Hope

  • What is the purpose in life, is a question asked by many. Why are we here on planet earth and...
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