Wisdom and Knowledge

2022-07-01 13:06:00
By Terry Brooks, President MJANZ

As a necessary part of living, the human mind is active each and every day. If we fill our mind with thoughts on ideas we happen to agree with on a given topic, it is very likely a default mechanism will be established. In other words, our minds may very well unconsciously gravitate to what we have received, liked the look of, and stored. We have the ability to sift out things we don’t agree with and what remains may, or may not, be based on truth or fact.

Our minds have the capability of convincing us of ideas or thoughts as being true, even if they are not factual. This can result in habitual thinking causing us to be prejudiced or biased against, or for, ideas and views. A healthy mind influenced by wisdom and knowledge can arrest and filter out thoughts that are contrary to the truth. If we believe in God and His Word, the Bible, we can take seriously passages that encourage us to seek the knowledge and wisdom of God. The book of Mishlei (Proverbs) chapter 3 verses 19 – 20 tell us Adonai (God) founded the earth by wisdom and by His understanding and knowledge He established the heavens and the deep (waters). Chapter 2 verse 6 says Adonai gives wisdom, knowledge and understanding and stores up common sense for the upright. He will impart these attributes to those who seek Him in sincerity. Amazing as this may seem, it is a definite reality as the Word of God does not lie.

The human mind cannot comprehend how creation was formed with a spoken word. There are facets of the spiritual realm we simply cannot see or understand with our limited capabilities. We ourselves are created beings, formed out of the dust of the earth where we will return. What and who we believe in will eventually determine our spiritual destiny.