A Future and a Hope

2020-11-25 10:00:00
By Terry Brooks, President, MJANZ

What is the purpose in life, is a question asked by many. Why are we here on planet earth and
what is it all about? We need to go back and consider Gan Eden (the Garden of Eden) created
by God in the beginning. The creation of all things is outlined in the book of Genesis called
Beresheet in Hebrew. Beresheet means in the beginning, and is the first set of writings or books
contained within the Torah. The Torah consists of five books and is found in the Tenach or Old

God created mankind from the dust of the earth. The first man was Adam, formed out of the
ground. The ancient Hebrew word for ground is Adamah, therefore there is a link between the
name Adam and Adamah. God formed Adam and breathed life into him. The breath, or Ruach
of God was breathed into Adam. That is amazing. God Himself breathed life into Adam. God
also formed Eve from a rib taken from Adam. Gan Eden would have been a beautiful place
where animals and humans were to live peacefully together in harmony. (Genesis 2: 7)
In the Garden of Eden, God would communicate with Adam and Eve. Unfortunately Adam and
Eve did wrong and their rebellious state caused a rift between them and God. He is a God of
love, however the sin of mankind causes a separation. (Genesis 3: 6 – 8)
The good news is that throughout the Tenach (Old Covenant) and Brit Chadasha (New
Covenant) are detailed accounts of God’s love and His plan for the restoration of mankind and
ultimately all things. In fact God’s plans of restoration are woven throughout the entire

The original purpose for mankind was to have a relationship with the Living God, and to
worship Him. That is still His purpose, as is evident throughout the Tenach and Brit Chadasha.
A man called Abram was chosen by God and called to walk in trust with Him. Abram was the
first Jewish person. Abram was not Jewish when God chose Him. Abram’s name was changed to
Abraham as the father of many nations and able to be the spiritual and physical father of the
Jewish people, and also spiritual father to non-Jewish people (Genesis 12: 1 – 9)
Through Abraham, his son Isaac, and Isaac’s son Jacob, God formed the people of Israel. They
were eventually given the Torah, the first 5 books of Moses, as a guide to living. We could
consider the Torah and in fact all Scripture to be God’s instruction manual on how to live our
lives. (Exodus 24: 4).

Naturally, people rely on their human perspective to conduct their lives. After all we are
human. Humanism however, can arise in its varying forms whereby many think it is acceptable
to live a good life basically without God or His written Word. As humans we cannot improve the
world out of our own mindsets, the consequences of which can result in sin thereby causing a
separation between mankind and the Holy One. We need God’s wisdom. (Proverbs 2)

Back in the book of Beresheet we see God made mankind out of the dust of the earth and
breathed in the breath of life, the ruach or spirit. Therefore mankind is unique in that we have a
spirit. God has provided spiritual food for mankind as well as the many foods needed for us
physically. That spiritual food is as necessary as physical food and is contained within the
Scriptures that have been inspired by God Himself.
Mankind have been given a mind to think, and the Word of God to lead us as to how to think so
that we can have wisdom from above.
So, God formed the people of Israel and gave them a set of instructions to live by. These set of
instructions have been shared with the nations of the world so they too could learn of the ways
of the Holy One. People have attempted to destroy the Jewish people throughout history. They
are integral in the plans of the Holy One who has preserved them as a people to this day.
(Romans chapter 11 outlines the fact the Jewish people have not been rejected by God).
Through the people of Israel, God has provided His written Word for all people groups. Through
the people of Israel came the Messiah whose Hebrew name is Yeshua (Also known as Jesus). His
name in Hebrew means to rescue or to deliver. It is through Him we can be cleansed from our
wrongdoings and to get back into the relationship with God we were meant to have. The
message of the Messiah is woven throughout the Tenach and the Brit Chadasha. Believing in
Yeshua gives us life (John 20: 31).

We can get back to a right relationship with God. To worship Him and follow His ways that are
outlined in His written Word is our purpose in life. (Deuteronomy 6: 5). We can then be assured
of a future and a hope that will carry us through this life and on into the next.